Reflective Safety Vest

Occupational protective safety vests and reflective vests for sale from Hubei China. Our factory is located in Jingmen, 200km from Wuhan.

Main high-visibility reflective safety vests we supply:

Reflective vest
Reflective vest
Tricot safety vest with fluorescent yellow color
Tricot safety vest with fluorescent yellow color
High visibility vest
High visibility vest
Kids reflective vest
Kids reflective vest
Reflective pockets vest
Reflective pockets vest
Reflective vest strap
Reflective vest strap

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What is safety reflective vest

The main material of the reflective safety vest is made of mesh or plain cloth, and the materials are reflective lattice or high brightness reflective cloth.

The reflective safety vest is made of reflective materials (reflective tape, lattice tape, reflective coating) sewed, ironed, and printed on the outer layer of the main parts of the vest. Some reflective vest is coated with reflective paint on the whole vest’s surface, which is a kind of protective equipment to generate highlight reflective warning effect at night or in bad weather conditions.

The reflection brightness standard is 380cd/(lx.m2)

Besides the reflective vests, we can also provide other reflective wearing products:

  • Reflective safety raincoat
  • Safety reflective T-shirt (Polo)
  • Reflective safety coat
  • Reflective pants
  • Reflective cotton-padded jacket
  • Safety reflective helmets

The main types of polyester reflective safety vests

  • Fluorescent reflective vest
  • High-visibility reflective vest
  • PVC lattice reflective safety vest
  • Tricot reflective vest
  • Mesh safety vest
  • Highlight reflection police vest

Who needs the safety reflective vest

Our main customers are engineering companies. But reflective vests can be used in many applications:

  • For sanitation workers
  • Bicycle riders
  • Night runners
  • Workers on the night shift
  • Students
  • Police (traffic police)
  • Road administrators
  • highway maintenance personnel
  • Outdoor reflective sports
  • Labor protection

Why we wear reflective safety vests

Wearing a reflective safety vest can save a person’s life!

Reason 1.
Warn others that if the light is too dark, prevent hidden dangers. If you wear a reflective vest with reflective strips on it, other people can find you easily, and the light reflection on the road can also let the driver know your existence, to avoid traffic accidents.

Reason 2.
Avoid potential safety hazards. Some construction workers mistakenly think that it is unnecessary to wear reflective helmets and vests. In fact, wearing reflective helmets and vests is not only responsible for themselves but also for their families. Reflective helmets and vests can protect construction workers working at night to a certain extent from external force injury.

Reason 3.
Improve safety factor. Some people like to walk and run on the road at night. At this time, a reflective dress will greatly improve the safety factor because the reflected light is very bright when you see it. If you are driving, you can be seen clearly in front of and behind you, just like the highway’s traffic signs play an obvious role at night. This is also why the construction, logistics, transportation, subway workers are wearing reflective vests, which can improve the safety factor.

Applications of safety reflective vest

Traffic application

Making traffic police and workers obvious at night or in other special weather conditions can reduce unnecessary casualties.

Engineering application

It plays a special role in security in engineering application.

Other applications

This reflective safety vest is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, ambulance, parking lot, airport, traffic police, and outdoor work or construction. It is a necessary safety warning vest.

Reflective material

The reflective vest is made of high visibility reflective material. There are many kinds of reflective materials: reflective fabric, reflective thermal film, reflective ribbon, flame retardant reflective cloth, reflective silk, reflective lattice strips, reflective binding, reflective leather, etc. Different reflective materials have different characteristics and purposes.

According to different backings, the most common reflective fabric materials are polyester fiber fabric and T/C fabric.

1, Polyester fiber fabric uses T170 (soft type)and T190 polyester taffeta. The polyester taffeta is a kind of all polyester thin fabric with the advantages of light texture, durable and easy to wash, with good quality and price.

2, T/C fabric, which is made of polyester and cotton, with good texture, and high strength. The general standard is to mix 65% polyester with 35% cotton.

What is reflective fabric

Reflective fabric is a kind of product widely used in outdoor fields such as safety equipment, uniform, tooling, environmental sanitation clothing, reflective vest, etc. The fabric can reflect the direct light from afar back to the luminous place. It has an outstanding retro-reflective optical function, whether in the daytime or at night. The reflective fabric comprises four parts: substrate, composite adhesive, a reflective layer, and glass bead.

Reflection principle of reflective fabric: when a beam of light shines on the front surface of the bead within a certain range, due to the high refraction of the bead, the light focus on the reflective layer on the back surface of the bead, and the reflective layer reflects the light to form a return reflection. When numerous glass beads are reflected simultaneously, the composite glass beads on the fabric base will reflect the light accordingly, we call it reflective fabric.

Whether the wearer is far away, the reflective vest with this reflective fabric can be easily found in advance. This can reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Reflective theory

In our daily life, we often see that the vests worn by traffic police and sanitation workers are reflecting light at night. Do you know why these vests reflect light, and what is the principle of reflective vests?

The advanced reflective technology: the reflective part of the reflective vest using the principle of refraction and reflection of high refractive index glass beads.

It can reflect the light in a distance to the light source and has perfect retroreflective optical performance in the day and night. Especially at night, the reflective vest can play the same high visibility as during the day.

The safety reflective vest made of high visibility reflective material which can be easily detected by drivers in the nights whether the wearer is far away or under the interference of scattered light. The unique reflective materials successfully solved the problem of “seeing” and “being seen” at night.

The reflective vest’s reflection material is the high refraction glass beads or the crystal and transparent resin. They can reflect the light to its light source and produce an excellent reflective effect. It can add wearer’s visibility at night in poor vision or critical situations. The distinctive feature is that it can print a type of glue reversely to the back of the reflective vest by carving or screen printing to get silver-grey or colour pictures and texts. These pictures and texts are overlaid on vest fabrics or backings by hot pressing to form different reflective pictures.

The special carving printing is different from hot pressing, and we need to use a computer engraving machine to carve the picture or text on the reflective vest. Therefore, the hot pressing method could make reflective letters or pictures flatter and smoother.

The brightness and adhesion of the two methods are the same. The thickness of PE composite film has reached 75um, so its flatness and stiffness are qualified for letter printing and engraving on the reflecting vest. In terms of cost, special carving printing is relatively higher than the conventional hot pressing method.

Reflective strip standard

Reflective ribbon
Reflective ribbon

The reflective strip(reflective ribbon) is composed of a layer of reflective glass beads adhered to the plastic sheet. A kind of glue is printed on the back of the reflective material to obtain various silver-gray or color pictures and texts through engraving or screen printing. Then overlay the reflective material with pictures and texts on other fabrics or vests by hot pressing (heat transfer printing) to form various reflective fabrics and vests.

In the night or poor vision environment, reflective strips can significantly improve the wearer’s visibility. The reflective vest with stable quality is welcomed in the market because of its low cost and good light reflection effect. The reflective strips have been widely used in clothing, vests, shoes, bags, and other wearing products.

Quality and standard of our reflective safety vest

  1. Retroreflection index: EN20471 II, reaches up to 380cd/(lx.m)
  2. Washability standard: ISO6330:2A specified in EN471
  3. Dry cleaning standard: ISO3175
  4. Environmental protection requirements: No toluene, azo, free heavy metals, etc. Meet OEKO-TEX standard 100, REACH, and other EU environmental protection standards
  5. CE and ROHS certified.

Keep improving craftsmanship, and strict quality control.

How to print the pattern and text from the reflective strip to the vest

The below steps will let you know how to hot press the silver-grey or color reflective image and text directly onto reflective vests or other fabrics.

  1. Place the backside of the reflective strip with image and text (the rough surface is the back and the smooth surface is the front) onto the pattern position of the reflective vest.
  2. Put a thin cotton fabric on the top of the front side of the reflective strip, and then hot press the thin cotton fabric.
  3. Control and make sure the temperature is between 140℃-160℃, and the processing time is between 6-10 seconds. The specific processing temperature and time may differ depending on different base fabrics.
  4. After cooling, remove the reflective strip, the reflective image and text will be on the reflective vests or other reflective clothes.